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Rate Beers Best
We have a new selection of Rate Beers best coming in April.
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Clown Shoes

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BdB - HoppyCat

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A range of the best English Real Ale craft beers including Oakham, Moor and Buxton Ales
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To Øl, Denmarks other great brewer
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Even the Americans can't resist the Roman Empire!.. Full range of America's highest rated brewers
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Available again Sept

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Core range

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Next pre-order arrival estimated 8th May
Stock has landed and is being sent out in the coming days!

April Stock has now landed and will be shipped out end of W/C 31st March

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See details on beers that just landed
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Experienceit brings you only the best of international craft and our commitment to fresh and direct means we will be bringing you one hell of a major ever in April. The Legend behind Stone will be at the Local Tap House and the Ale House in Melbourne, along with a selection of over 20 of his amazing beers on tap for one night only. April 5th. Call the venues for details and expect this to be huge.
Perth you get your turn later in the month.

Follow this link for more details
May is set to be one of our biggest months ever with not just one international brewer visiting our shores, but 5 world class brewers, all voted in the Rate Beer best brewers in the world!. kicking off Sydney will see a host of events from W/C 12th May then we all fly to Adelaide for Good Beer Wheaty for 3 days of brewing and event fun, and then the last leg will see us storm Melbourne for Good Beer Week. Brewers heading over include - Sixpoint, Deschutes, To Øl, Magic Rock, Birra Del Borgo. Come visit us at our GAB's event stand for a private tasting with the brewers...
Sailing on the water current is a container full of over 29 different Stone beers destined for 3 lucky venues in Australia that have been selected to host 3 limited and exclusive Tap Take-overs of Stone beers on draught. A first in many ways, The first time Australia has seen so many Stone beers fresh and on draught, the first time close to half these beers have been seen outside of the Stone branded venues, and the first time such an event with Greg has taken place in Oz. While its not the full initial distribution we had planned, it does give Australian drinkers a real taste of Stone beers fresh, rather than the grey market beers they have become used to. With Greg in NZ and Australia on holidays, we have been lucky enough to secure him for 2 days. April 5th will see Melbourne's event kick-off with The Local tap House starting the festivities, and then later that night the Ale House Project will take over with a selection of different beers. Then later in April with date still TBC, the Sail and Anchor will have a huge event starting with an intimate food and beer session followed by a main bar event. Stay tuned for more details.
Rate Beer awarded best new brewer in the world Siren officially joins the portfolio just in-time for Good Beer week. A selection of fantastic award winning beers that earned them the best new brewer award, including a Cigar City collaboration and a Lemoncello beer, will all be part of the line-up. Available in both bottle and kegs but limited. Pre-orders open around 3rd week of March
No longer a rumour, the Nomad's of craft brewing are on their way. The Hop Heads from Experienceit have teamed up with Leo and the team at Birra Del Borgo to launch a new Aussie brewery. This is not contract brewing or brewing Birra Del Borgo beers locally. This is a brand new 25hl brewhouse located in Brookvale on Sydney's Northern Beach's, with its own head brewer, own style and image and a mission to develop the highest quality beers and become an active member of both the local and international craft brewing community. All going to plan first beers will be available in both keg and packaged from May 2014. follow our adventures on Twitter @nomadsbrewing
As of April expect to see Boatrocker hit the portfolio with the fantastic range of core beers and experimental's. A great compliment to our current Aussie and international range, this exceptional brewer based in Victoria has been one of the new highlights in the Victorian market and will finally go National with Experienceit managing all areas except Melbourne metro which will still be handled by their current sales representative. We will however be working closely in all areas to ensure a smooth distribution network. Read more
We'll after making a very public announcement on the launch of Stone, unfortunately things have changed a little, due to know fault of our own. Due to some unfortunate internal miss-communication at Stone getting fresh stock to Oz will have to wait a little bit longer. We do however continue to work closely with them and continue on our mission of delivering only the best and freshest beers to Australia.
We don't want just any beer in our portfolio, we want the best, and once again we have found it!. After the success if Jester King, we went on the hunt for another great farmhouse brewer, and we found one. Highly rated, constantly talked about on Rate Beer, these guys make great beer that will deliver something unique and in line with what you've come to expect from our portfolio. Expect a monthly rotational selection of some of their most highly rated beers from March, starting with Birra, Prairie Ale and BOMB!
After a long search, we finally found a Belgium brewer that we wanted to add to our range. Recommended by one of our Italian brewers and tasted at a summer Italian beer festival, we loved the beers. From Feb Glazen Toren will be gracing our shores with 3 of their all time classics. Glazen Toren has been available before but only through beer clubs and the Beer Mason's. Nows its available for all from feb 2014

What's craft beer about?.... Watch the video and find out :-)

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So turns our the market went made for Deschutes core range with all our stock sold out. So lets see how Aussies like Deschutes seasonal releases and "Bond Street". We have rushed through a 2nd order and at the same time secured a shipment of their fantastic Red Chair and Bond Street Series Hop Henge. Both limited releases and 2 of their highest rated and most requested beers. Available on our Jan US shipment. Fresh and direct as you'd expect!
We love Cans, We love Sixpoint and it seems so do Australian's. Only just released in December we have already sold out of 90% of all the stock we ordered so a rush order is now on its way and even better it includes one of their great "Mad Scientist" offerings "Global Warmer" See the beer page for more details. And then we have also reserved a batch of a very special version of Resin on steroids. Take Resin and dial it up to 11! for Hi Res - coming late Feb
Wales Rate Beer "Best and Best New Brewer' Returns after a successful mid year keg release. This time we have a their bottles for the first time, plus some great one shot beers including a special Urban "Belgium IPA" Version and a beer dedicated to the Man in the black helmet Darth. Joining Tiny will be more Beaver and at a new lower price plus one of their fantastic Alpha Beers. All stock limited and arriving for early Feb
For a a long time we have resisted adding in a Belgium brewer. But like we do with a lot of our beers we look for personal recommendations for what other brewers feel are great beers. Glazen Toren is one we came across at a Festival in Italy during the summer holidays and it was highly recommended, and even better tasted great. A small range of classic Belgium beers only ever available in Australia via Beer Masons, but now available to all to enjoy from Feb
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Squeeze out more juice - last month we had red chair and Hop Henge and May we have Fresh Squeezed, a hopped out fresh squeezed IPA that is bursting with lovely happiness and fruit nose. We also have more Red Chair on its way plus 3 very limited release bottles that we managed to convince them to give us access to. Plus we have more fresh stock of all the core line beers on the way.

Read more about the range

Turn it up baby! - hold onto your hats and get ready for one crazy hop juice experience. Your thought Resin was big and bouncy!, well think again, taking it to 11 the Hi-Res will take you on an adventure you'll never forget (but will want to come back to)
On top of this we have also been give 4 new limited release draught beers. Stock all limited and as per previous shipments don't expect the beers to last in our warehouse for too long. Get in quick. Pre-orders now open!
Read more about the range

While slow of the mark to introduce a Belgian brewer to our range, we started with de Glazen Toren in January and now our second master joins the line-up. Situated close to Brugge, De Ranke is a true master of the craft with a range of Classic Belgium styles with their own unique flare. The range launches with the highly awarded XX Bitter plus top rated Kriek and Sour Cuvee. Based on the initial De Glazen Toren success we are also expecting big things from this range and expect it to form a core part of our international portfolio.
Its our personal view that the UK is currently at the leading edge of the craft brewing revolution with an amazing wealth of new brewers. To that end we are focused on securing some of the best and from May we have Siren joining the range. Just awarded as one of the top 5 best new brewers in the world, its a real score to be now offering this range which includes a collaboration with Cigar City and a beer with an Italian twist :-), more details to follow
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We are passion !

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2012/13 Experienceit & BIRRA ITALIANA bike kit now available!
We don't just have a passion for beer, we also love cycling. So a little indulgence is our own cycling kit, seen in the hills of the Piemonte. Race team quality from GSG (used in Giro).
Bib Shorts : $70.00
Jersey : $60.00
sizes from small to XXL, female knick's also available, white version (below) also available. If you wish to order use the contact link above and send us your details!
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If your after a real Italian adventure from beer tasting to cycling let us know and we'll show you the passion!

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